Know About the characteristics of the Catamaran before setting sail in Martinica

Are you looking for the blend of France and West India?

If yes, the Martinica is the best place to visit. It is a rugged Caribbean Island in the Lesser Antilles known for its eye-catching flora and fauna. Martinica offers one of the beautiful and the safest anchorages in the Caribbean for your Martinique catamaran charter. The place is a sailors’ reverie as it offers breathtaking views, magnificent landscapes, and crystal clear water.

If you are planning for a vacation in Martinica, do remember there are plenty of things to do in the day which is the perfect time to explore. The location is placed in a windward region making it ideal for one way sailing. So, sail along the island to uncover the mystery and the exquisiteness of Martinique. Opting a catamaran is the best option. The catamaran rental Martinique is quite famous and is relied upon by many for effective exploration and sightseeing.

Catamaran are basically multi hauled watercraft that features two parallel hulls of equal sizes. They range in various sizes from large to small and is a treat for the eyes due to its exclusive design.

So, if you are in need for Martinique catamaran charter, ponder upon the below characteristics to know more about the catamaran:

  1. Weight Carrying Ability: The lighter the catamaran, the more is the ability to carry weight, so if you want a catamaran rental Martinique, opt for the lighter one.
  2. Resistance: The catamaran usually has a low resistance to the passage through the water thus making them efficient for sail [with four times the power]. The acceleration also increases with a boost in the power level of the vessel. Thus at low to moderate speeds, the catamaran is able to provide resistance to the passage.
  3. Stability: Catamarans are more efficient than the standard mono-hulls. A cruising catamaran sailboat usually has a high resistance to healing and capsize. Thus they have higher stability than many other water vessels.
  4. Bridge Deck Clearance: This is a common characteristic to know about the slamming level. Thus the higher the clearance, the lesser would be the slamming produced. The other factor that slamming is dependent on is the weight. Therefore, if the weight adds up then the slamming would also increase. It is advisable that if one is going for Martinique catamaran charter choose the one which has a higher deck clearance and is lighter in weight.


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