Enjoy desert safari in Dubai at fair prices

If you are planning a trip to UAE, the desert safari is bound to be on the top of your list for things to do in Dubai. Wondering what the hype is about? Worry no more, this write-up will take you on a descriptive journey about the desert Safari and help you understand why this is one of the top Dubai Tourist Attractions.

Make sure you ask the driver to give you a background on the history and culture of the Bedouin culture before you hit the sands. Once the vehicle reaches the outskirts of the desert, the driver will deflate the tires and prepare the car for its full potential in terms of power. From here, your adrenaline-filled journey starts.

Musandam tour packages provide desert safari Dubai cheap services. They will make your trip memorable and exciting.

Services include in Musandam tour packages: –

  • Camel Riding

An animal that is probably an icon of the desert, camels are naturally capable of going without water for long periods and hence can survive easily in the deserts. As part of the Desert safari, you will be able to mount a camel and enjoy the wobbly ride for a while and experience the feeling of living in the desert. A truly photograph worthy moment, don’t forget to get plenty of pictures clicked.

  • The camp

While you are here, you can also try getting a henna tattoo from local women who are extremely talented. A core part of the Arab culture, henna is symbolic for auspiciousness and wellness.

If you like shisha, smoking in the camp is truly a unique experience. While there are various flavours you can try, the ambiance is what really makes it truly special. As part of the Safari, you will also be served a delicious five-course Emirati meal in the desert. You can try the cuisine while you indulge in some live entertainment.

  • Live Entertainment

A major attraction of the safari is the live entertainment performed by experts. The camp is oriented towards the stage set in the centre and the performer displays his/her talents here. You can witness a grand show of belly dancing to Arab music followed by the traditional dance Tanoura performed on stage. Combined with the music, the cold desert breeze, and ambiance, this is definitely a night not to miss.

  • Desert Activities

In addition to the desert ride, the camp, and entertainment, you can also venture on various activities in the middle of the desert which are adventurous and exciting such as sand-boarding, sand skiing, quad biking and more. Another opportunity that’s not to miss is the chance to dress up in traditional Arab clothes and get your pictures clicked. Be it for the men or women, it will be pretty thrilling to see how you would look had you been born in the Arab world years ago.

These activities are involved in desert safari Dubai Cheap Packages.


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